Christian Songwriting: Musical Elements

Music is what transforms good poetry into a song, and as with the lyrics, there are certain devices which, when used appropriately, will add colour and therefore greater appeal to your song.

Sometimes the melody of a song is so intrinsically beautiful, so alluring, as to render it almost impossible to forget. But unfortunately there is no fail-proof formula for an unforgettable tune. If there were, you can be certain that someone, somewhere, would have written a program by now, and computers would be doing the job instead of people. Just imagine the credits on the sheet music: "Words by so-and-so, music by IBM."

Music though, is an art, and its beauty is something which can only be assessed subjectively by humans, and not by a machine. There is, therefore, no prescription for success; no recipe to produce a sure-fire winner each and every time. But there are principles which, when applied, can enhance your already good idea (hope you didn't lose the significance of these last three words) they are the foundation of your songwriting success).

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