Christian Songwriting: Song Content - Song Plan 2

There are many directions from which you can approach a particular topic or story - even a well-known one - and these are the kinds of questions that should be answered by your song plan. The multitude of possibilities when writing a story has been clearly illustrated by the countless songs written on the life of Jesus.

The miracles of healing He performed, His birth, His death and resurrection, His love for sinners, specific events in His life, the way He touches people's lives even now, are all aspects of His life that could be included in a song. But you can't cover all of it at once, and what you do include in your song would be decided in the plan.

To prepare a plan you need to keep in mind that, as in a novel or short story, your song will need a beginning, a middle, and an end. This may sound so obvious that you can't avoid doing it. If you start somewhere, and finish somewhere, there must be a beginning, a middle, and an end, right? Wrong. But the best way I can explain what I mean is by using a typical three-verse song pattern.

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