Christian Songwriting: Writer's Block - Listen & Relax

Probably one of the most pleasant ways to fire up your imagination is to spend a relaxing evening listening to the music of others. Dim the lights, turn on the stereo, close your eyes, but don't go to sleep if you can help it. Although, if you do, maybe your need for rest is where the blockage lies - see point number fourteen below.

If you want to write a song in a particular style - for instance, jazz, blues, or country - then it would be a good idea to listen to artists who major in that style. If your song is for a specific artist, then listen to as much of that artist's material as you can get your hands on.

If you're the lyricist, you will need to pay particular attention to the words of the songs. But try to enjoy their beauty, rather than make it a study session. Your aim is to allow yourself to be gently inspired. This may or may not happen immediately; in fact, it may not happen till the next day, or some other time.

The pitfall in this method, if you're anything like me, is that you may tend to analyse everything you hear, pull it apart, and reconstruct it the way you would have done it. You may be tempted to rush for your instrument to work out that interesting little solo, or the unusual chord progression. All of this could be constructive, but it could also raise your frustration level as you wistfully strain to "get a song". If that sounds like you, relax. You'll be in a much more receptive frame of mind for a good idea to take root if you're at rest.

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