Christian Songwriting: Writer's Block

So you want to write a song - or worse; you have a deadline to meet, and you have no choice. You've diligently scrutinised all the information in this book, but unfortunately there's one small problem. Trying to get it to happen is like trying to squeeze orange juice out of a leather boot. Maybe you've sat down, pad in hand, pen at the ready, and an hour later your blank eyes and your even blanker mind are still staring at a blank page. You search your mind painstakingly, you agonise and sweat, and still, the only thing you can raise is your stress level.

You've got writer's block!

What can you do when nothing happens? Should you do anything at all to force the issue? Or will you wind up with something that sounds like rehashed Muzak?

Well, take heart. The news is good. You can "prime the pump." You are not entirely at the mercy of your creative moods. At some time or another, writer's block wraps its unwelcome tentacles around most of us, and if the truth be told, probably all of us. All you need is to know how to get the creative juices flowing again.

Usually, all that writers need to rescue their minds from a creative black hole, is some kind of stimulus. A creative springboard; something that will send you soaring high into the air, ready to plunge deeply into a pool of creativity.

The methods I have listed for overcoming writer's block are really only springboards. Which ones will work for you, will depend largely on your personality. What triggers one person's mind may only produce further frustration in another. So keep trying until you find one that suits you, and use whatever unlocks your creativity:

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