Praise and Worship

It's a funny thing being born in a particular time and place. You take for granted a whole bunch of things and forget that others who weren't born then and there don't necessarily see what you see the way you see it.

It's kind of the same with the new birth. For those of us who were born again in a move of God, we take for granted that everyone should understand what we understand. Yet, in the words of an old song: It ain't necessarily so!

For instance, I was born again in 1975. It was right at the height of the Charismatic outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Lots of things were happening, including a resurgence of a real passion for praise and worship. There was a real desire to express love for God through praise and worship, lots of new praise and worship songs were being written, but accompanying all this was a great deal of teaching on praise and worship.

There hasn't been so much teaching on this topic since the Charismatic Renewal came to an end. And I have to admit that I'm one of the ones who tends to forget that there's a whole generation of Christians that has had very little teaching on praise and worship.

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